The MULTI-Module is a 2.4GHz transmitter module incorporating four different RF components, enabling almost any RC transmitter to control many different receivers and models, including most standard RC protocols, and a large (and ever-increasing) number of popular helicopters, planes, quad-copters, and mini-quads.

The MULTI-Module is a non-profit open-source project, by hobbyists, for hobbyists.

About the Project

The MULTI-module started as a DIY build and many people still use their own custom-built modules. Nowadays several different RC manufacturers now sell off-the-shelf MULTI-Modules.

Although there are a few differences in the hardware, the DIY and off-the-shelf modules all run the same firmware, which is developed and maintained by the MULTI-Module developers, and made available under an open source license.

The documentation on this site is written (and kept updated) for the latest version of the MULTI-Module firmware, and applies to all versions of MULTI-Module hardware.

Terms and Conditions

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