Channel Naming

The MULTI Channel Namer LUA script can be used to automatically name the channels of any model which is configured with a MULTI-Module protocol.

The script uses the configured protocol, a database containing the channel assignments for each protocol, and the module's configured Expected Channel Order to name all the channels according to their specified use.

The script makes it extremely easy to assign the correct inputs to each channel by matching inputs to the named outputs.

The MULTI Channel Namer script is included in OpenTX 2.3.8. OpenTX 2.3.8 or newer is required to use the script.

Using the Script

1. Select or configure a model which uses a MULTI-Module protocol 2. Ensure that the correct MULTI-Module protocols is selected in the model

3. Press the SYS button 4. From the Tools menu, launch the Multi chan namer script

5. Check that the output looks sane

6. Press Enter to save the channel names

In the Outputs screen the channels will now be named according to their designated use:

Script Updates

The latest version of the Multi Channel Namer script can be download from

  1. Download the file from the latest release

  2. Unzip the file

  3. Connect your radio or SD card to your computer

  4. Copy MultiChannelsUpdate.lua and MultiChan.txt to the TOOLS\SCRIPTS folder on the radio's SD card (replace the existing files with the same names)


You can see a demonstration of the script in this video:

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