Module Hardware
Originally only available as a 'DIY' project, several manufacturers now produce the MULTI-module.
Modules are available to fit in the standard 'JR' style module bay found on most radio systems, or 'Lite' modules available for the smaller module bay of 'Lite' radios.
Some radios are available with internal MULTI-module boards. Internal modules work in exactly the same was as external modules.
All currently-available MULTI-Modules are based on an STM32 micro-processor.

External Modules

Examples of currently available MULTI-Modules:
Vantac MPM Lite, URUAV TMX5, and URUAV TMX5 Lite modules are not supported by the MULTI-Module project. These modules have been found to be be using the incorrect MCU (processor), which does not have the correct amount of flash memory.
If you have one of these modules you should contact the vendor or manufacturer for support and firmware updates.
See here for more information.
All product links are for convenience/reference only, not an endorsement for a brand or vendor.
iRangeX IRX4 Plus MULTI-Module

Module Hardware Differences

As well as the different JR and Lite modules, there are other differences in different manufacturer's MULTI-modules:
    Most modules have two LEDs, some have none
    Some modules have a 16-position selector dial and a button, some do not
    Most modules have a USB port, some do not
When purchasing a MULTI-Module, one with LEDs and a USB port is recommended for ease of troubleshooting and updating.

Radios with Internal Modules

Radios with internal MULTI-modules include:
Jumper T16 Internal MULTI-Module
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