Receiver Match

Receiver Match enables multiple models or receivers which use the same protocol to be bound to the radio using unique radio models, and prevents accidentally operating the wrong model.

For example, if you have several aircraft which have the same type of receiver, and each aircraft has a different model configured in the radio, you can ensure that a given aircraft will only be controlled by the matching radio model by configuring Receiver Match.

Enabling Receiver Match

Receiver Match is configured by specifying a unique Receiver Number (RX Num) for each model in the Model Setup page, before binding the receiver. If the Receiver Number is changed the receiver will need to be re-bound to the radio.

Up to 64 different receiver numbers (0 to 63) are supported when using Receiver Match.

OpenTX will automatically assign an unused Receiver Number to a new model when the model is created.

Disabling Receiver Match

Receiver Match can be disabled by assigning the same Receiver Number to all models.

To avoid warnings in OpenTX Companion, use Receiver Number 0 for models where Receiver Match is not required.

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