Firmware Updates

MULTI-Module firmware is not the same as the radio firmware, and must be updated separately.

MULTI-Module firmware updates are released regularly and updating the MULTI-Module firmware is quite straightforward.

The latest firmware can be found on the MULTI-Module Downloads site:

Checking the Version

The MULTI-Module firmware version can be checked by looking at the Module Status line in the Model Setup menu on the radio.

After an OpenTX radio firmware update, the radio may tell you that there is newer MULTI-Module firmware available by flashing Module update recommended alternately with the version number in the Module Status.

Keeping your MULTI-Module firmware up to date is strongly recommended, as updates frequently add new features and address issues.

Update Process

In order to update your MULTI-Module you will need to download the appropriate firmware file and use one of three available methods to write the file to the module.

Updating the MULTI-Module firmware will not affect receiver bindings - any receivers which are bound to the MULTI-Module will remain bound after the update.

Step 1: Download the appropriate firmware file for your MULTI-Module

In every release there are many different firmware files, each built for slightly different radio or module configurations. See the Firmware Files page if you need help knowing which file to download.

pageFirmware Files

Step 2: Choose an update method to flash (write) the firmware file to your MULTI-Module

There are three ways to update the firmware on your MULTI-Module. See the dedicated Update Methods page to choose the right one for you.

pageUpdate Methods

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