Protocol Dumping

Protocol Dumping is a way to capture and decode RF transmissions from a transmitter and receiver by using a radio with a MULTI-Module as a 'packet sniffer' - the radio doing the dumping listens for radio transmissions, captures them, decodes them if possible, and displays the result via a serial connection with a computer.

Doing this allows new protocols to be captured, decoded, and then ultimately added to the MULTI-Module.

Protocol Dumping only works for protocols using an XN297L RF module, which has become common in many small models, and is only practical with external MULTI-Modules.

If you wish to use this feature to capture a new protocol, please contact the MULTI-Module developers via the RC Groups forum.

You will need to be familiar with the Serial Debugging process, and know how to update the firmware on your MULTI-Module.

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