Wireless Trainer

Wireless Trainer allows a radio with two modules - at least one being a MULTI-Module - to be used as a trainer, without the need for a wired connection to the student radio.

On the Trainer radio, the MULTI-Module is configured with a receiver protocol and the other module (which may also be a MULTI-Module) is bound to the model, and the Student radio is bound to the Trainer's MULTI-Module.

For a list of protocols supported for Wireless Trainer, see the Receiver Protocols section of the Supported Protocols page.

Wireless Trainer cannot be used on current FrSky radios due to a hardware limitation - they do not allow telemetry on the external module while the internal module is in use.

Supported Protocols

Trainer Radio Setup

Configuring a full student/trainer setup is beyond the scope of this documentation. You should be familiar with general trainer configuration before attempting to configure wireless trainer.

Step 1: In Model Setup set the Trainer Mode to Master/Multi

Step 2: Configure your MULTI-Module with one of the Receiver Protocols

Telemetry must be enabled on the Trainer Radio. Wireless Trainer will not work if Disable Telemetry is checked.

Student Radio Setup

Step 1: Configure your radio to use the TX version of the Receiver Protocol which was configured on the Trainer Radio.


Once the models are configured on both radios, they need to bind. Binding is logically the same as any transmitter/receiver combination.

Any other RF modules should be disabled when binding the trainer and student radios.

Step 1: On the Trainer Radio, initiate binding on the RF module which is configured with the Receiver Protocol

Step 2: Initiate binding on the Student Radio

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