USB Drivers

Connecting the MULTI-Module to a Windows PC requires drivers to be installed. There are two different driver packages which may be needed.

Install both drivers if you're not sure which one you need.

MULTI-Module (a.k.a. 'Maple') USB

The MULTI-Module (also known as 'Maple' or 'native') USB drivers are needed for MULTI-Modules which have a USB port which connects directly to the STM32 microprocessor in the MULTI-Module.

Modules which use this driver include:

  • Original 'Banggood' STM32 4-in-1 modules

  • iRangeX IRX4 Plus

  • Jumper JP4IN1 (older version)

  • Vantac MPM Lite

The easiest way to install the MULTI-Module USB drivers is to download Flash Multi, which includes an installer for the drivers.

Silicon Labs CP210x

Some MULTI-Modules have a built-in USB-to-serial adapter. These modules require the Silicon Labs CP210x driver to be installed.

Modules which use this driver include:

  • Jumper JP4IN1 (newer version)

  • Jumper JP4IN1-SE (as shipped with the T16)

  • Hobby Porter JP4IN1

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