LEDs are present on most external MULTI-Modules and can be used to check the status of the module.

The basic functions of the LEDs are:

Green LED - indicates that the MULTI-Module is receiving power Red LED - indicates the status of the MULTI-Module

On TMX5 modules the red LED patterns are reversed. (Also note that TMX5 modules are not officially supported.)

Red LED State





The module is not functioning.


On 0.05s; Off 1s

The selected protocol is not available on the module.

Inverted Flashing

On 1s; Off 0.1s

Waiting for bind to be initiated.

Fast Blink

On 0.1s; Off 0.1s

Binding in progress.

Slow Blink

On 0.5s; Off 0.5s

Module is in Serial Mode but there is no signal from the radio.

Very Slow Blink

On 1s; Off 1s

Module is in PPM Mode but there is no signal from the radio.

Fast Double Blink

On 0.1s; Off 0.1s; On 0.1s; Off 0.5s

Serial debugging is waiting for a serial connection.



The module is operating (transmitting).


Three short; three long; three short

The firmware has detected that it is running on an MCU with less than 128KB of flash memory.

Module Status

OpenTX and EdgeTX will display the state of the MULTI-Module in the Module Status line of the RF module section on the Model Setup page.

Normal Operation

In normal operation the Module Status will display the MULTI-Module firmware version and the Expected Channel Order.

If an auto-binding protocol is selected, and binding has not yet been initiated, the Module Status will display "Bind to load protocol".

When the module is binding, the Module Status will display the firmware version followed by "Binding".

No MULTI Telemetry

If the Module Status displays "No MULTI_TELEMETRY" or "No telemetry" there is a problem with the MULTI-Module

In this situation, one of the following may be the cause:

  • The selected module is not installed - External is selected when Internal should be, or vice-versa

  • The wrong firmware is installed on the module - the wrong radio firmware, or telemetry inversion setting was used

  • The module is defective

    • A somewhat common fault is bad solder joints on the 5-pin module bay connector

Getting Help

There are two ways to get help:

RC Groups Forum - for general 'how-to' questions or advice from other users GitHub Issues - for reporting bugs or serious issues

RC Groups is usually the best place to start as the forum is very active, with many experienced users who can provide help and answer questions.

To make it easier to provide help, please include the following information:

  • MULTI-Module type and the firmware version

  • Radio type, firmware, and firmware version

  • Using PPM or Serial

  • Description of what the LED on the MULTI-Module and the receiver/model are doing

  • Explanation of the behaviour and reproduction steps

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