Radio Cloning
The MULTI-Module can be used to clone (copy) the unique identifier of a radio transmitting one of the supported FrSky protocols.
Cloning a radio allows the MULTI-Module to communicate with any receiver which was bound to the original radio without having to re-bind the receivers.
There are three memory 'slots' available for cloning:
    1 slot for D8 cloning
    1 slot for FrSkyX (D16v1) cloning
    1 slot for FrSkyX2 (D16v2.1.0) cloning
The same transmitter or different transmitters can be cloned into each slot, but only one transmitter ID is stored per slot.
If you use the Cloning Procedure with a radio transmitting the D8 protocol, it will be saved in the D8 slot. Likewise for D16v1 and D16v2.1 .
Once a transmitter ID is cloned you can use the cloned ID for any model by using the FrSkyD/X/X2 'Cloned' sub-protocol option. This way you can have models working with the original MULTI-Module identifier and models which are shared by both the cloned TX and MPM.
OpenTX 2.3.8 or later is required to use cloned transmitter IDs with the MULTI-Module.

Cloning Procedure

    On the radio to receive the cloned ID, configure a new model with the FrSky RX protocol, sub-protocol CloneTX
    On the radio to be cloned, select (or configure) a model which uses the protocol you want to clone the ID from (FrSkyD/D8, FrSkyX/D16, etc.)
    Place both radios in Bind mode
    Wait for the bind to complete

Using the Cloned ID

    Select or create a model where you want to use the cloned ID
    Select the protocol which was cloned (FrSkyD/D8, FrSkyX/D16, etc.)
    Select the sub-protocol Cloned


    FrSkyD/D8 - the Receiver Number which was used during the the cloning procedure is used. Changing the Receiver Number has no effect
    FrSkyX/D16 - the Receiver Number must be set to match the value on the original transmitter


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